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1s 37m 1965 HD

五月十三傷心夜 online sa Prevodom. A Taiwanese language film. After the death of their mother, Siok-hui sings in a nightclub to support her younger sister Siok-tshing, but her immature sister looks down on her occupation. Siok-tshing then begins working in a pharmaceutical company where she has a crush on her colleague Bun-pin. But little does she know that Bun-pin has fallen passionately in love with her sister. When she finally discovers the truth, she runs away and drowns her sorrows at a bar. There, a lascivious businessman who stalks her sister forces here to go with him to a hotel. Siok-hui rushes to the hotel, where she finds the man lying in a pool of blood...

五月十三傷心夜 (1965)
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