Зона Замфирова

Зона Замфирова

Зона Замфирова

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1s 44m 2002 HD

Зона Замфирова online sa Prevodom. Zona Zamfirova is set in the eastern Serbian city of Niš in the 19th century. The plot follows the story of Zona Zamfirova, a local rich man's daughter, and the vicissitudes of her affair with Mane, an ordinary goldsmith. As it was undesirable for the daughter of a rich man to marry a craftsman, the two are at first divided, with the possibility of Zona marrying Manulać, who came from a wealthy family. Everything is, however, changed as Mane organizes a successful conspiracy to keep Zona for himself.

Зона Замфирова (2002)
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