Tres Caminos

Tres Caminos

Tres Caminos

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1s 56m 2013 HD

Tres Caminos online sa Prevodom. Benjamin is a young poet from Turkey, works in Bosnia as a volunteer to help the extrication of dead bodies from the mass graves. He comes to Bosnia in order to escape from his past. A childish game of Benjamin causes Joseph's lover-Zeliha's dead. The psychological pressure of his job revives his past in his dreams. Zrinka is Serbian-Bosnian psychologist who is helping to the people in post war syndromes.Benjamin meets her committing suicide on Mostar Bridge.By the time they fall in love. She releases Benjamin from his qualms of conscience. Benjamin goes back to Turkey to face with his brother and past. Zrinka saw a dream something bad happened to Benjamin. She goes to Turkey but she finds secrets and new description of love.

Tres Caminos (2013)
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