The Hour of Living

The Hour of Living

The Hour of Living

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1s 52m 2012 HD

The Hour of Living online sa Prevodom. When his mother finally succumbs to a long illness, young Theo is prepared to deal with the loss. Having lost his father when he was only ten years old, Theo is strong and emotionally sound. While searching through his mother's belongings, he stumbles upon a piece of film from around the time when he was born. The footage shows his late father, young and seemingly happy. Soon after, Theo sets out on a quest to find more info about his dad. His search leads him to George Walter, a close friend of his father's. George lives high up in the mountains. He was a bit famous once, but since has become a recluse. When Theo meets George something special happens. It turns out that George was once in love with Theo's dad - so what he sees in Theo is more than just his first love's son. And, in return, what Theo sees in George is more than a route to his father. As the two men spend time together on the mountain, they get to know each other, but even more than that, they get to know themselves.

The Hour of Living (2012)
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