Osam poglavlja

Osam poglavlja

Osam poglavlja

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1s 20m 2023 HD

Osam poglavlja online sa Prevodom. We live in a predominantly male world, and maybe the most important task women have is creating their own identity. We are guided through the path of eight decades of life by eight female characters, starting from the youngest one who is at the age of five, to the oldest one at the age of 85. Tila is bravely pedalling towards growing up. Jana can set a great example for both younger and older people around her. Tina waits for her sudden growing-up milestone with excitement. Ana Marija is at the end of her 20s with a dash of fear... Eight authors directed a documentary omnibus which offers us an opportunity to observe the creation of these identities and surpassing the obstacles laid ahead of a little girl, a teenager, a woman, a mother, a non-mother and a grandmother.

Osam poglavlja (2023)
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