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1s 22m 2023 HD

Opazovanje online sa Prevodom. Inspired by a real event, the film follows 27-year-old Lara (newcomer Diana Kolenc), a paramedic intern who helps bring 30-year-old Kristijan (Vito Weiss) into the hospital, after he was brutally beaten on a Facebook live stream that was seen by 20,000 people and no one called the police. Although Kristijan is in a coma, Lara starts to receive video clips from his Facebook profile, showing unidentified persons watching him get beaten. She reports this to detective Borut (Jure Henigman, from A Trip and Dual), who starts an investigation. All the observers, who appear in the video clips, will become Lara’s nightmare in her real life. She soon realizes that she is also an accomplice in this horrible event.

Opazovanje (2023)
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