Mariage à Mendoza

Mariage à Mendoza

Mariage à Mendoza

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1s 31m 2013 HD

Mariage à Mendoza online sa Prevodom. Marcus and his brother Antoine head to Argentina for their cousin’s wedding. They plan to explore all that Buenos Aires has to offer before making the trip to Mendoza in the west. Marcus is thrilled to be on the road and determined to have fun, while Antoine is depressed after being dumped by his wife, who refused to come with them at the last minute. Marcus will do anything it takes to cheer up his little brother. After a very caliente evening in the capital, they hit the road, discovering Argentina vineyard’s and making unlikely encounters –with a crackpot receptionist, a divine beauty, a pregnant ewe, and a guy afflicted by Stendhal syndrome –until, at the end of their journey, the two brothers find peace.

Mariage à Mendoza (2013)
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