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1s 29m 2010 HD

Jasmina online sa Prevodom. Asthmatic grandmother named Safa and her six-month baby granddaughter Jasmina, are transferred in a humanitarian convoy from the besieged Sarajevo to a peaceful small city at the Adriatic coast. By a combination of circumstances, their first neighbour is an alcoholic named Stipe. He is constantly causing troubles and making their lives complicated. During one of her asthma attacks, having no other choices, Safa rings Stipe's bell and hands him the baby. Stipe starts to temporarily take care about baby Jasmina. Safa dies at the hospital and now Stipe is left alone with the baby. He's clumsy, even funny. She becomes his only mission in life. He is not ready to give Jasmina away to anyone. He loved her as if his own granddaughter even daughter. Suddenly someone is at the door. Stipe recognises Jasmina's mother. In spite of all his internal struggles, he returns Jasmina to her mother. Stipe stays alone, again.

Jasmina (2010)
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