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1s 34m 2015 HD

Hiljadarka online sa Prevodom. A young man by the name of Atif Kurtovic goes into a mine for the first time in his life to become a miner and to continue exactly where his now retired grandfather had left off. However, his fate is soon completely changed when he is picked as the face for the most valuable banknote in the country, the bill in the amount of one thousand dinars. Because of this, Atif soon finds himself on his way to Belgrade where Tito's personal photographer takes his picture and thus allows Atif to become a part of history. Into this story enters a young girl whose nickname, "Hiljadarka / A Thousand", is no accident and with whom Atif falls in love. When Tito announces his personal visit to Atif's hometown, there begins an adventure that they will all remember for the rest of their lives.

Hiljadarka (2015)
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