Hassan Hussen

Hassan Hussen

Hassan Hussen

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0s 07m 1997 HD

Hassan Hussen online sa Prevodom. Aktan Abdykalikov's simple, clear-eyed poetry finds an elemental form here. Two twin brothers are walking down the road carrying a pail of water, they fight and come to blows, and a bemused older man intervenes and sets them back on their way. It's that simple and it's that lovely. A graduate of the Art School of Kyrghyzstan, Aktan Abdykalyko (or Abdikalikov) first worked as a set designer for Kirgisfilm. After several well-received documentaries and short films, his first feature-length fiction film, Beshkempir, won several awards including the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival.

Hassan Hussen (1997)
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