Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

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1s 23m 2023 HD

Fairy Garden online sa Prevodom. On the outskirts of Budapest, in the heart of the woods, hides a ramshackle little hut. Inside, two social outcasts have formed the unlikeliest of bonds: Fanni, a 19 year-old transgender teenager, and Laci, a 60 year-old homeless man. Together, they form a cantankerous, convivial, makeshift family life, supporting each other as father and daughter through hardship and change. Life is tough, but it is theirs. Set on the margins of Hungarian society, this is a film about perseverance, finding home, and the triumph of acceptance.

  • Žanr: Documentary
  • Zemlja:
  • Direktor: Gergő Somogyvári
  • Glumci:
Fairy Garden (2023)
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