Družba Isusova

Družba Isusova

Družba Isusova

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1s 35m 2017 HD

Družba Isusova online sa Prevodom. It is the mid 17th century. The Jesuits spread their influence in Central Europe. Maria, a young Countess lives in the castle. Father Had is a honest and ardent servant of the Society of Jesus. He is dedicated to his life's mission, and as such he is an ideal tool in the hands of his superiors, who have their own plans. Had becomes Maria's confessor. Her woman's charm, intelligence and energy, as well as her beauty, are a constant temptation to him. Jesuits are making pressure on Had to finally realize their plans. Will the Jesuits, at last, achieve their goals and take the castle?

Družba Isusova (2017)
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