Druga strana Wellesa

Druga strana Wellesa

Druga strana Wellesa

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1s 07m 2005 HD

Druga strana Wellesa online sa Prevodom. Film The Other Side of Welles portrays the life, work and intellectual heritage of Orson Welles in Yugoslavian federal unit "Socialist Republic of Croatia". Through the period of 25 years, he appeared as actor in several co productions made in Croatia (David and Goliath, Tartars, Austerlitz) - acted in few Yugoslavian film (Battle of Neretva, The Secret of Nicola Tesla) and directed two of his own film: The Trial and The Deep. As a Hollywood maverick, in Croatia he often found his shelter. Through the never before seen archive materials and the interviews with the people who worked with him, directors of this film, in the 90th anniversary of his birth and 20th of his passing, reveal the other side of Orson Welles

Druga strana Wellesa (2005)
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